The Turkish part of the World Wide Fund for Nature 
The website of MEDASSET whose features include information on the organisation’s most recent projects and campaigns, and links to pages on environmental education. The ways in which MEDASSET can be supported – including volunteering and donations – can also be explored. 
The Greek version of the MEDASSET website. 
ARCHELON/Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece
ARCHELON is an organisation whose aim is to monitor and conduct research on marine turtles in Greece in order to protect them and their habitats. Their website includes sections on ‘Turtle Biology’, ‘Environmental Education’ and information on how to support ARCHELON. 
An Italian website which gives information on the ‘Research and Educational Activities for Chelonian Conservation’ which are organised by ARCGETURTLE. Activities are organised for a wide range of age groups – from young school children to university students. 
CHELONIA - (Italy)
Website of the ‘World Chelonian Trust’ – an organisation which aims to promote the conservation of tortoises and freshwater turtles worldwide. It includes pages on how to care for different species of tortoises and turtles, a range of foreign language pages as well as opportunities to join the group. 
Fondazione Cetacea - (Italy)
An Italian website which provides information on ‘La Fondazione Cetacea’ and how to support them. The organisation focusses on the conservation of the marine ecosystem, which includes helping with the rehabilitation of injured marine wildlife. 
Cyprus Turtle Conservation Project
The ‘Cyprus Turtle Conservation Project’ began in 1978 in order to conserve and increase the population of Cyprus’ sea turtles. This website provides information on the group’s history, support network and activities and projects. 
British Chelonia Group
An organisation which concerns itself with tortoises, terrapins and turtles worldwide, the British Chelonia Group is a registered charity. It’s website explains its main aims and encourages visitors to obtain online membership to the group. 
Marine Turtle Research Group
MTRG has international membership and works towards achieving the conservation of marine turtles worldwide whilst people around the world appreciate the importance of the turtles’ survival. The website provides a comprehensive summary of MTRG’s activities. 
Sea Turtle Working Group - (Spain)
A Spanish website which contains information on the projects of Spain’s Sea Turtle Working Group and volunteering opportunities. The Group aims to encourage cooperation between NGOs and researchers who operate in Spain and who are concerned with marine mammals and sea turtles. 
Hacettepe University Sea Turtle Research Team - (Turkey)
In this web site you will find information about the biology of sea turtles whose population has declined dramatically, the major reasons of this decline, practices to be done for their conservation and about the projects carried out by STRT 
Adriatic Marine Turtle Program
The website states the importance of marine turtle research and the conservation effort – which the Adriatic Marine Turtle Program is a part of. Specific information on Adriatic marine turtles and the conservation efforts being made in the area is also provided. 
Mediterranean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (MEDSETCON)
Societas Herpetologica Europea
A European network of herpetologists and societies aiming to encourage collaboration between its members through the exchange of information and meetings. The website encourages individuals or institutions interested in amphibians and reptiles and their conservation to become members. 
WWF-Across the Waters Programme
A comprehensive web page which gives a detailed account of the background, objectives and achievements of WWF’s ATW project, whose primary aim is to strengthen the biodiversity and increase the number of sustainable development projects in the Mediterranean region. 
Central Institute for Applied Marine Research
The ‘Central Institute for Applied Marine Research’ is an Italian organisation which publishes scientific research on the marine turtle. This Italian website contains information on the institute’s publications, research projects and events. 
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research - (Greece)
The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research is a single institution that integrates government-funded marine science research in Greece. Its present structure comprises five institutes, which carry out research in specific thematic areas: Institute of Oceanography, Institute of Marine Biological Resources, Institute of Inland Waters, Institute of Aquaculture, Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics. HCMR is also responsible for the CretAquarium in Crete and the Rhodes Aquarium of the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes.
THE KATELIOS GROUP for the Research and Protection of Marine and Terrestrial Life - (Greece)
The Katelios Group is a local NGO that seeks to research and protect the population of sea Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) and their habitats on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. 
Marine Animal Rescue Centre (CRAM) - (Spain)
The Foundation for the Conservation and Rescue of Marine Animals – CRAM, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of marine animals and ecosystems, research and education. 
Cyprus Turtle Conservation Episkopi Turtlewatch
Episkopi Turtlewatch is an entirely voluntary organization which everybody is welcome to join. It helps to conserve loggerhead and green marine turtles on the beaches between Limassol and Paphos on the south coast of Cyprus.
Association for the Protection of Marine Turtles in Morocco (ATOMM)
ATOMM contributes to and shares the global responsibility of international sea turtle conservation through its activities to conserve and manage sea turtles in Morocco.