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Are you looking for some original handmade crafts ideas? Are you always busy in creating something new? Then, this is the right place for you. This is a turtle themed section that includes a variety of craft ideas and resources that can be downloaded for free. This webpage assists you to create your own crafts and also to stay within a reasonable budget. In fact, you will see that most of the materials needed are recycled items. You will surely enjoy creating and experimenting with our crafts. These crafts are suitable for primary school children and also for those in the early years of their middle school. Young children will enjoy creating their own personalized sea turtles and eventually decorate their own rooms with them. Besides, this is a right opportunity for parents to spend time some quality time with their children, enjoying hand made crafts and also teaching them about the importance of sea turtles. So click on the following links to get started with our turtle crafts. Have Fun!

External Craft Links:
Baby Honu Turtle Origami:

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