Garbage Band Instruments
Lesson: Garbage Band Instruments

Students will create musical instruments out of objects that are being thrown away or recycled. They will practice using the “reuse” part of the phrase, “Reduce- Reuse- Recycle”.

-Clean non-sharp containers that are being thrown away or recycled
This can be given as a homework assignment and / or collected at school
-Students can make instruments that ring, shake, scrape, tap or clap
-Small items to put in shakers such as dried corn, beans or rice
-Art materials to use for decorating (tissue paper, glitter, paint, glue, gems, sequence, etc)

“We have been talking about why it is important to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Today we will use the items we have collected to make musical instruments.”

Display items collected. Talk about the different types of instruments that can be made.
Ring- items that make sounds when bumping into each other such as keys jingling on a chain
Scrape- items that make sound when scraped such as sand paper
Shake- items that make sound when you shake it such as a plastic water bottle filled with dried beans
Clap- items that make sound when you hit both together such as 2 blocks of wood
Tap- items that make sound when you hit with a stick such as a box hit with a popsicle stick or stick found outside on the ground
Allow students time to explore all possibilities and to be creative.
Create musical instruments, then decorate with art supplies.

Share musical instruments with the class

Teacher observation
Student participation

Extending the lesson:
-Create band uniforms from lesson entitled Garbage Band Uniforms.
-Write a song for all to sing and accompany with musical instruments.
Songs are very easy to write. Take a simple tune from a common nursery rhyme or song and change the words to sing about the topic that you are studying. Sing a song about garbage or recycling, then after the verses play the instruments. This way others can still hear the words and appreciate what you have to say.
-Have a parade or a concert.