Turtle Egg Cartons

How to do the 'Turtle egg cartons'

a. Glue
b. Scissors
c. Green Paint
d. Green Color
e. One litter bottle
f. Tape

1. First, cut the bottom of the one liter plastic bottle. You only need to use the bottom part which must be around one inch high. Yet, you can use different seized containers to make different sized turtles. Color the outer part of this container with green paint.

2. Let it dry.

3. While it’s drying you can prepare the turtles’ head, tails and legs. Preferably legs must have a U shape and tails a V shape. You can look at the image to get a clear idea. You can use white paper and color it using a green coloring pencil. Include eyes and mouth for your turtles. You can be creative as much as you like especially when you are doing the head of the turtle.

4. Fold a little edge on each head, leg and tail and glue it on the inside of the bottle. You can also used a tape. The head and tails should all be lying flat on the ground. Hope that you will enjoy doing this craft!