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a code for reporting
marine turtle sightings in the UK


If you have seen a live or dead marine turtle at sea, please use the form below.

If you wish to report a dead or live marine turtle stranding, please call the appropriate telephone number immediately.

All records of marine turtles in UK waters are kept by Marine Environment Monitoring in the TURTLE database. Click here to view an online version of TURTLE, access annual reports of the TURTLE database and download other relevant reports.

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1. Your name:

2. Your e-mail address:

3. Your telephone number:

4. Identification: The turtle is a
i The ID key and the photo gallery may help you to identify the turtle

5. Health status: The turtle is
i Even if the turtle is not moving, it may still be alive, especially if the limbs are limp and flexible and there is no extensive decomposition or offensive smell

6. Description: Length
i Please specify the measurement unit

7. Characteristics (e.g. cuts, bruises, missing limbs)
i If the turtle is entangled in fishing gear, please specify the gear type

8. Tag information The number is
i Many conservation projects place tags on turtles flippers. Record any tag details (number and address) if this can be done without disturbing the turtle

9. Location: O.S. Grid Reference
and/or closest town

10. Date when the turtle was found/observed

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