Species of Sea Turtles
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Conservation Status

Under the International Conservation Union (IUCN) 'Red List of Threatened Species' loggerhead sea turtles are considered vulnerable at the global level. The Red List has a special listing for 10 identified subpopulations. Find out more at www.iucnredlist.org
Note: Until 2015 the species was listed as Endangered.

VULNERABLE (VU) - A taxon is Vulnerable when the best available evidence indicates that it is not Endangered but is considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.


Threats to loggerheads vary from one region to another but include:

Loss of habitat due to coastal development, including tourism and industrialisation
Collision with motorboats
Accidental capture by fishing activities
Pollution due to industrial waste, marine debris etc
Animal predation
Human predation due to egg collecting

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(Meat consumption is not intensive due to low palatability of the meat), carapace exploitation (not intensive as poor quality)
Illustrations: M. Demma © ICRAM