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The Kefalonian Marine Turtle Project

1998 Acknowledgements

The KMTP would sincerely like to thank the following persons and organisations for their help during the past three seasons:

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In Greece:
Georgos Handrinos from the Greek Government for granting the research permit and his patience during the recent restructuring of the project. Without his assistance each season would have been an impossibility; The Normanchise of Kefalonia, Makis Metaxas for his advise and encouragement throughout the season. The Mayor of Skala, Andreas Zapandis for allowing us to continue our work on the island; the President of Katelios and his community for their hospitality over the years; Petros Terzakopolous whose enthusiasm and dedication is a driving force in our combined work; Jim Allessandratos from Ionian Natural History Tours for his constant support; Costas Pantelios for project accommodation; Inspirations, Thomson Holidays, Manos, Apollo, First Choice and any other holiday companies who helped the KMTP by promoting turtles as an important asset to Kefalonia.

In the UK:
The British Chelonia Group and the Greek Animal Welfare Fund for their kind donations enabling us to produce the 1997 and 1998 expedition reports; Jean and Colin Houghton for assisting the project in the UK since 1994 ; Dr Graeme Hays of Swansea University for his scientific advise ; Elizabeth Salter for her constant support and advise; Mrs Lily Venizelos and MEDASSET/UK for their help and encouragement over the past couple of years; Roger Poland from King's College, Taunton for his help, advise and EuroTurtle opportunities over the past year; Eric Morgan for setting up links with the British Chelonian Group; Brendon Godley and Annette Broderick for their advice and for recommending the project to numerous volunteers; RAZZAMATAZ T-shirts for printing and supplying KMTP T-shirts; Dutton Foreshaw of Maidstone for supplying cost price parts and labour (Land Rover); Tim Houghton and Alex Brown for production of numerous slides and Merchandise.

Finally, we would like to thank all the KMTP volunteers whose efforts make each season such a success.

photo of volunteers

Some of the 1997 team!

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