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Project ideas
Project ideas
Code Title Details Curriculum links Age guideline
1 Tracking Esmeralda 1 Use the short data list to track the route taken by Esmeralda. Include dates but not distances etc Science, Geography, Maths up to 11
2 Tracking Esmeralda 2 Use the full data list to plot the route taken by Esmeralda. Construct a table/graph to show distances travelled against time (complexity to suit your group). The plotting might include use of ICT skills e.g. overplotting on the maps, spread sheets etc Science, Geography, Maths, ICT 11-16
3 Tracking Esmeralda 3 Use the full data list to plot the route taken by Esmeralda. In addition to 2, calculate speed. Her behaviour could also be related to sea turtle biology e.g. arrival at foraging grounds, feeding habits etc. Science, Geography, Maths, ICT 16+
4 Turtles in the Mediterranean 1 Using links from Greentrack, outline threats to sea turtle survival in the Mediterranean sea. This could be a poster presentation or an essay Science, Languages -16
5 Turtles in the Mediterranean 2 Discuss how satellite tracking can help to conserve sea turtles. Use links from Greentrack. Science 16+
6 Esmeralda 1 Imagine you are Esmeralda a.nd describe your journey from your nesting site on Cyprus. This can be an illustrated account ( a long wall poster with time and distance?) or an essay Languages, Art -13
7 Esmeralda 2 Draw a picture of Esmeralda surfacing with a satellite overhead tracking her movements Art - 13
8 Turtles 1 Construct a poster or key to identify the different species of sea turtle found in the Mediterranean. Science 11-16
9 Turtles 2 Construct a poster to show the main threats to sea turtle survival Science 11-16
10 Turtles 3 Research and explain GPS and satellite tracking and suggest how they can benefit nature conservation. Science 16+
11 Email links Go to the membership page and set up an email link with another school involved in the project. Discussion might include looking at other animals near each school which are under threat Science, Languages, ICT 11-16
12 WWW and turtles Using search engines and the links from Greentrack, investigate satellite tracking in other parts of the world. Extend this to include other species of animals Science, ICT 1-16+