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The odds of survival are based on real data - how successful will you be?
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start with the hatchlings

Read the instructions carefully before you begin

  1. Get two coins - these act as simple dice.
  2. Get a pencil and paper to record how many turns you take.
  3. Click on the swimming turtle or eggs on the left to start the ADVENTURE.
  4. You will arrive at the first location. Read about the situation and throw the coins.
  5. Click on the symbol which represented your result e.g. TWO HEADS, TWO TAILS or HEADs & TAIL.
  6. Heads and Heads normally results in something good.
  7. Heads and Tails can be good or bad - more often good.
  8. Tails and Tails can lead to trouble - watch out!!
  9. Once you click on the correct symbol, you find out what happens to you.
  10. If you play against another turtle, the winner is the player who hatches the most baby turtles and gets them into the sea.
  11. In the event of a tie, the turtle who took the least turns wins - so keep a count as you go along!
  12. If you want to play the non-computer adventure game print out the BOARD GAME VERSION.

Once you have played the game you might like to try a new version, the BRAIN GAME, in which you make the decisions for the turtle - see if you can avoid all the threats that you meet in the chance game.