Sea Turtle Classification

Classification of the Reptiles and the Chelonia (Turtles and Tortoises)

  • Reptilian classification


  • Chelonian classification
Order Sub-order Family
Chelonia Cryptodira Carettochelyidae: Fly river turtle
Cheloniidae: Sea turtles
Chelydridae: Snapping turtles
Dermatenydidae: Central American river turtles
Dermnochelyidae: Leatherback turtles
Emydidae: Freshwater turtles
Kinosternidae: American musk and mud turtles
Staurotypidae: Mexican musk turtle
Testudinidae: Tortoises
Trionychidae: Soft shelled turtles
Platysternidae: Big-headed turtles
Pleurodira Chelidae: Snake neck turtles
Pelomedusidae: Afro-american side-necked turtles