Sea Turtle Postcard - Quiz 3


This section involves the colouring and identification of a sea turtle postcards, which are then sent to EuroTurtle where the best will be displayed on the web for the Sea Turtle World to see!

  1. Instructions
  2. Postcard 1
  3. Postcard 2

  1. Locate the postcard you wish to send to EuroTurtle (using the menu above).
  2. Printout the image onto card or stick onto a normal postcard.
  3. Enter the graphic key (from link menu above) and identify the sea turtle.
  4. Go to the appropriate section in EuroTurtle to answer the other questions.
  5. Fill in the answers on the card and complete your personal details.
  6. Using EuroTurtle as a guide, colour the outine picture on the postacard as realistically as you can, and if you have time, fill in the background.
  7. Send the completed postcard to EuroTurtle.
  8. As soon as we can, we will scan the best images and put them onto EuroTurtle for you to see.

Postcard 1


Postcard 2

postcard 2

redpoint Acknowledgments:

Diagrams for postcards by kind permission of FAO - Species Catalogue - Vol.11, Sea Turtles of the World.