Lesson: Life Cycle of a Turtle


Students will discuss the life cycle of a turtle

Worksheet to be made into small booklet
Or 10 pieces of paper put together as a book (or you can save paper by using both sides then only 5 sheets of paper are needed)
Book or pictures showing the life cycle of a turtle

Ask students what they know about the life cycle of a turtle. Make sure they know what life cycle means (the series of form changes and activity that a living organism undergoes from its beginning through its development to sexual maturity)

After hearing the students’ ideas, read a book or display pictures so students can visually see the life cycle of a turtle. Then ask the students to sequence the life cycle. You can write it as they respond. Also, younger students may want to use movement. Careful of the last stage! You may want to skip it.
Life Cycle of a Turtle:

1. female turtle arriving at the beach
2. digging nest
3. laying eggs
4. eggs in the nest
5. turtle returns to water
6. turtle hatching from egg
7. hatchlings entering sea
8. young turtle searching for food in seaweed
9. young turtle eating a crab
10. adult turtles mating

Then have students complete life cycle worksheet or create life cycle book.
The worksheet can be cut and stapled together as a book. It can be hung sequentially on a ribbon to be displayed. It can be pasted on a larger sheet of paper in a circle to represent a cycle.

Remember to add a title.

Come together as a class and review the life cycle. Help students to see that it is a circle (cycle) that keeps going.

Teacher observation of student participation
Completion of task