Race to the Sea Playing Cards


Child picks up turtle egg and it is broken.
Beach umbrella is pushed into the ground and eggs in nest are broken.
Young turtle is hungry and swallows a jellyfish. Oh no, it is not a jellyfish, but a piece of plastic bag. Young turtle cannot breath and suffocates.
Beach chair is placed on turtle nest and eggs are crushed.
Lights from hotel and restaurant on nesting grounds are shining. Hatchling gets confused and goes in the wrong direction. Hatchling dies before reaching the sea.
Turtle is no longer hungry. Its stomach feels full. Turtle stops eating and dies of hunger. Poor turtle did not realize that a piece of plastic was blocking its digestive system.
Workers on an oil tanker decide to clean it. The oil gets into the sea destroying the creatures that the turtles eat and penetrating the sand where they nest. Now the turtles have nothing to eat and no place to nest.
A child has a birthday party. Beautiful balloons are everywhere. One balloon flies away, breaks, and floats into the ocean. A turtle swallows it and suffocates.
The paper mill is making paper for may uses. Untreated waste from the paper mill is dumped into the water. This industrial pollution destroys the sea turtle.
People at the hotel wash their hands with non-biodegradable soap. This waste is not treated and is dumped into the sea. The water is polluted, the plants can not grow, the turtle can not live