Lesson: Race to the Sea
Students will play a game while learning about the threats that turtles face to their existence.

-Turtle hats for every student
-Make a hat band with paper.
-Attach 2 flippers in the front
-Attach 2 flippers and a tail in the back
-Attach an oval for a head in the front
-Cards with obstacles to reaching the sea and maturity (made from “Race to the Sea Playing Cards”), make a few copies depending on the number of students.
-Coin, something to toss or spinner to use to take turns

“There are so many threats that interfere from the time that a turtle lays its eggs until the hatchling becomes an adult. Do you remember some that we have been talking about? Can you think of anything else that may harm a turtle?”

“Today we will play a game that will help us understand many of the threats that exist to sea turtles. We will begin at this side of the room and see who makes it to the sea, which is the other side of the room. Coin toss decides your move. Heads, you take a step. Tails, you take a card.”
First child tosses the coin then moves appropriately. Game continues while taking turns.
The goal is for the students to see that many of the turtles do not make it to the sea.

Discuss the results of the game. Ask why they think many of the students did not make it. Let them know that this in reality is the truth for turtles. Discuss and list on chart paper the many threats the turtles had to face. Discuss if there is anything that can be done about it. This is a good lead in to another lesson. Make sure all students receive a prize (sticker for example) for playing, not just the student that reached the sea.

Teacher observation
Student participation in game
Student participation in discussions