Lesson Plans


Dear Teachers,

Are you ready to unlock the secret world of sea turtles? Here we hope to give you the chance to do so. The following links should help you find online lesson plans and other resources more quickly and easily. These lesson plans can be easily used by teaches who are novice to sea turtles and also by those who are experts. This thematic teaching unit explores marine life in the Mediterranean Sea, focusing specifically on the habitat, life cycles, threats and conservation of sea turtles. When compiling these lesson plans we tried to set realistic aims that meet a broad range of students` abilities. However, lessons should be modified in accordance to the individual learning needs of the students. If you have lesson plans that focus on sea turtles, please let us know; send us an email at: info@euroturtle.org

1 Day Lesson Plan

3 Day Lesson Plan
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3