'Turtle Friendly' Tourism

A short animated training DVD for UK tour representatives and another for tourists in the Mediterranean has been produced by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS UK) with MEDASSET's cooperation. The DVD was funded by the Travel Foundation and produced by Juniper Blue animators. The Travel Foundation is distributing the DVD at Mediterranean holiday destinations through dedicated workshops to teach tour reps about sea turtle-friendly actions they and their customers can take to mitigate tourism impacts on turtles and nesting beaches in the Mediterranean.

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Some Do’s and Don’t’s for Responsible Tourism on Turtle Nesting Beaches!

• Do not hire or drive fast speedboats where you know there are turtles in the water. Drive boats slowly and always keep a lookout for turtles in the water.

• If you are lucky enough to see a turtle, keep your distance and never try to grab them!

• Do not walk on a nesting beach at night during the turtle breeding season.

• Do not drive on turtle nesting beaches during the turtle breeding season, avoid walking along the back of the beach and keep all beach furniture within about 5 metres of the waterline.

• Always dispose of your litter sensibly, never throw litter in the sea, never leave it on the beach and never flush any kind of litter down the toilet.

• Before you leave the beach, level off any sandcastles and fill in any holes that you or your kids have dug.

• Make sure there are absolutely no lights shining on the beach at night during the turtle breeding season, and if necessary, ask the hotel owner or manager to switch any problem lights off.

• Do not go to any bars or restaurants that have been illegally built on the back of nesting beaches, or to those that refuse to turn off their lights.

It is essential that stringent management measures are implemented in nesting beaches which coincide with tourist hot spots. The continued survival of sea turtles is determinant on ensuring that the 1 in 1000 hatchlings that do reach adulthood actually make it there!