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Sea turtles are one of the longest living groups of animals to have ever existed, having far outlived the Dinosaurs. They have existed for approximately 200 million years, adapted perfectly for their environment until human activities placed them under increasing pressure. Sea turtles are a flagship species, which means they are a species chosen to represent an environmental cause conserving the marine ecosystem and wildlife. Chosen for their charismatic nature, distinctiveness and vulnerable status, sea turtles engender public support and thus assist leverage of the entire ecosystem and associated species.

EuroTurtle- a Mediterranean Sea Turtle Biology & Conservation web site for Science and Education is a result of collaboration between King’s College, Taunton and MEDASSET- the Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles. Take your time to browse the many resources available- information covering all elements of the sea turtle lifecycle; the threats they face; how we can help and learn from these majestic creatures.



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