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WSPA's Turtle Alert! campaign needs you!

Without doubt the tourist industry is a major cause of the decline in turtle populations throughout the world. But as the world's biggest industry, generating billions of dollars from millions of customers every year, it is well placed to make the changes needed to help ensure the survival of one of the planet's most ancient and mysterious creatures.
WSPA's Turtle Alert! Campaign is urging tour operators in all countries to take up this challenge.

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Main booklet chapters:
  1. The trouble with tourists
  2. Building on the beach
  3. The bright lights of distraction
  4. Fighting for a place in the sand
  5. Dangers at sea
  6. Slaughtered for souvenirs
  7. Cashing in on conservation
  8. Watch with care
  9. Saved but still not secured
  10. Ten ways tour operators can help save the turtle
  11. Questionnaire
  12. Important contacts
  13. Acknowledgements
  14. Welcome page
  15. EuroTurtle
By topic:
  1. Examples of trouble spots
    1. Grande Anse, Caribbean island of Saint Lucia
    2. Guinea Bissau
    3. Tortoiseshell products
    4. Turkey
  2. Turtle friendly tourism - a list of guidlines
    1. Buildings and developments
    2. Bright lights
    3. Using the beaches
    4. Dangers at sea
    5. Souvenirs
    6. Hatcheries
    7. Turtle watching

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WSPA's campaign booklet - Turtle Alert! has been adapted for the WWW by EuroTurtle, which is a Web based project by MEDASSET International (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles), Exeter University (UK) and the Biology Department of King's College,Taunton, UK. EuroTurtle is Europe's first Sea Turtle Biology & Conservation Web Site for Science and Education.

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Campaign booklet written by Alice Marlow and Jonathan Pearce
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