Loggerheads in the sea


You have completed the game, but how many of your hatchlings have made it back to the sea?

If 75-100 of your hatchlings have managed to reach the sea this is Excellent! Your hatchlings were very lucky!

If 50-74 of your hatchlings arrived at the sea, they did Very Well!

If 25-49 of your hatchlings have reached the sea, they did Well!

If 0-24 of your hatchlings have reached the sea, few will survive to be adults!

Sea Turtles in the Mediterranean are under serious threat - please help them now!

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Many thanks to Graham Hall (Former Head of Biology, King's College, Taunton) who helped to think up this game on that memorable night of inspiration! Also thanks to Louise Rider (University of Exeter, PGCE) who helped to complete the game.